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Science guide Intermediates + Advanced

1.- List Earth's main layers of Earth and how do they vary between each other.
2. What is a continent? Which are they?
3. According to Wegener, the continents drifted together to form the super-continent called?
4. What evidence supported the hypothesis of continental drift?
5. What are plates?
6. Because of the sea-floor spreading, the distance between Europe and North America is increasing by a few cm. per year. Is this true? Why?
7. What happens to continental crust when two continents collide?
8. What are the plate boundaries? Write the three of them. And draw adiagram of each one.
9. The theory of plate boundaries explains the formation of.......?
10. What are the four ways that earthquakes cause damage? What are the types of faults?
11. What factors help geologists determine earthquake risk for a region? With what scales do scientists measure earthquakes and name of the devices?
12. What are the four steps we must take to protect ourselves when an earthquake is happening?
13. Who studies volcanoes? Where does the volcanic belt form?
14. How are Dikes formed?
15. What is a volcano?
16.What is Magma and lava?
17. How many active volcanoes exixt?
18. In which plate boundary do volcanoes form?
19. What is a hot spot?
20. The viscosity in magma consists in silica and the ......?
21. Draw a picture of the inside of a volcano and name its structures.
22. What pushes magma to the surface?
23. What are the two kinds of eruptions?
24. What are volcano hazards?
25. Which are the stages of volcano activity?
26. How do geologista monitor volcanoes?
27. Which are the three types of volcanoes?
28. What features form as a result of magma hardening beneath Earth's surface?
29. What are Geysers?
30. What is a caldera?
31. What causes a Geyser to erupt?
32. What is a Mineral? What are the uses of minerals? make a list.
33. What are the characteristics of minerals?
34. Which are the 8 properties of minerals?
35. What is crystallization in a mineral?
36. What size crystals form when magma cools rapidly and slowly?
37. What are two ways in which minerals can form a solution?
38. What is an Ore?
39. Who owns the ocean's minerals?
40. In a list write, where do we use minerals?
41 . What is smelting?
42. What is an alloy? Write an example.
43. Don't forget that you have to study the vocabulary of all the themes we have seen in class.

tarea de español

Recuerden que para el día 19 de mayo deben entregar su programa de televisión o radio.

miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2008

Formación cívica y ética

Con base en el listado de abuso escolar visto en clase, elabora una lista señalando si has sido partícipe o afectado en alguna forma; de no ser así, describe tu opinión sobre la gente que realiza estos actos.

martes, 13 de mayo de 2008

Física Tareas del 12 al 16 de Mayo 2008

  • Integrar al formulario las equivalencias de Caloria y Kilocalorias
  • Realizar 10 conversiones de las escalas de temperatura, puestas en clase
  • Realizar 10 conversiones de unidades de calor a unidades de trabajo
  • Resolver cuestionario sobre las formas de transmicion de calor

Nota. Traer calculadora y formulario diariamente.

Profr. Alexandro Aguilar B.

lunes, 12 de mayo de 2008

Use of English 2nd Intermediate

Use of English 2nd Intermediate
Ms Marisol Rivera

So / Such
For / since

Present Perfect + for / since.

I have known my teacher for 3 years.
Infinitives of Purpose

Ex. I went to the post office to buy stamps.

If + Imperative

Ex. If you want to catch the bus, hurry up!

If + 1st conditional
If you don’t hurry, you’ll miss the bus.

Vocabulary – Injuries and illness.

The Passive
Ex. When was the first film made?

Phrasal Verbs.

Call off; carry on, follow up, grow up, take off.

Ex. It’s raining. Let’s call off the picnic.

Reflexive Pronouns

Vocabulary Feelings

Ex. He knows he was bad. He is ashamed of himself.

Study the verbs in Past and Past Participle.


lunes 12 de mayo de 2008

Tarea del 12 al 16 de mayo:
Formar los equipos para el proyecto de olimpiadas 2008.
Elegir el tema que van a investigar y exponer.
Miss Fanny

domingo, 11 de mayo de 2008


Exposición por Equipos

13 de mayo

Tema: Primera Guerra Mundial
Equipo: Andrea, Fernanda Solorio, Axel y Daniela Román

14 de Mayo

Tema: Revolución Rusa
Equipo: Claudia, Rocío, Isabel y Spencer

Tema: Revolución Mexicana
Equipo: Eligio, Daniel y Oscar

20 de mayo

Tema: Guerra Civil Española
Equipo: Jorge y Carlos Potes

21 de mayo

Tema: Revolución China
Equipo: Omar, Santiago y Daniela Bravo

Tema: Segunda Guerra Mundial
Equipo: Lorena, Fernanda Uranga, Adriana y Yesenia

22 de mayo

Tema: Del Impresionismo al Abstracto
Equipo: Sebastián, Ezequiel y Ricardo