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Use of English 2nd Intermediate

Use of English 2nd Intermediate
Ms Marisol Rivera

So / Such
For / since

Present Perfect + for / since.

I have known my teacher for 3 years.
Infinitives of Purpose

Ex. I went to the post office to buy stamps.

If + Imperative

Ex. If you want to catch the bus, hurry up!

If + 1st conditional
If you don’t hurry, you’ll miss the bus.

Vocabulary – Injuries and illness.

The Passive
Ex. When was the first film made?

Phrasal Verbs.

Call off; carry on, follow up, grow up, take off.

Ex. It’s raining. Let’s call off the picnic.

Reflexive Pronouns

Vocabulary Feelings

Ex. He knows he was bad. He is ashamed of himself.

Study the verbs in Past and Past Participle.

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