jueves, 17 de enero de 2008

Literature Study Guide- 2nd Intermediate

Literature 2 Intermediate

The following units will be on the exam:

Unit 1: Keeping Time
Unit 2: Love and Marriage
Unit 3: What’s Stressing You Out?
Unit 4: Amazing Animals
Unit 5: Cultural Differences

You should know the following things for the exam. Each topic tells you which kinds of questions will be used.

1) Know the definitions of the vocabulary from all five units. (MATCHING AND FILL IN THE BLANKS)

2) Understand the following grammar points from the book: synonyms and antonyms; nouns, verbs and adjectives; adverbs; prefixes ex-, en-, em-, uni-, bi-, and tri-; and positive, negative and neutral meanings. You can find these in the units. (MATCHING, FILL IN THE BLANKS, AND MULTIPLE CHOICE)

3) Know what the units are about and what we talked about in the units. (Example: animals, cultural customs, stress, weddings, etc.) (ALL TYPES OF QUESTIONS)

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