jueves, 22 de mayo de 2008

Social Studies Intermediate-GUIDE

Final Exam

1. Study the vocabulary of all the themes we saw in class.
2.Number of continents on Earth.
3.Study how life was in the stone age.
4.What did flooding bring to Egypt’s land?
5. Study life in the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms in Egypt.
6. Study the most important events of each kingdom.
7. Religion: What were their beliefs?
8. Nubians were well known for their?
9. Who were the Hykos, who did they invade?
10.What were the Obelisks?
11.Life of Tutankhamen
12.Study the Hebrews: Lifestyle, Religion, Leaders.
13. Is the Phoenician alphabet well known today?
14.What was the Oracle Bone used in China?
15.Study the Indus River Civilizations: location, lifestyle, City architecture, beliefs....

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