jueves, 24 de abril de 2008

Science - Advanced and Intermediates

Hi dear students, this is what you should have in your notebooks for May's grade.
Remember 50% of your grade is your notebook and the other 50% is the exam.
Use this information as your guide for the exam.
1. Properties of Minerals page 114
Vocabulary,objectives, summary and assessment page 122
2. How Minerals Form page 124
Vocabulary, objectives, summary and assessment page 127
3.- Who Owns the Ocean's Minerals? page 128 ans 129
4.- Using Mineral Resources page 130
Vocabulary, objectives, summary and assessments 135, 139, 141
Thank you
Ms. Yolanda Banuet M.

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Ms Yolanda Banuet dijo...

HI students .
You can study from your book for the final exam or from your notebook.
Study all the vocabularies and the summaries.
Book pages: from page 6 to page 135
Thank you
Ms. Yolanda Banuet

Ms Yolanda Banuet dijo...

Chapters you need to study: 1,2,3, and 4.
Thank you
Ms Yolanda Banuet