domingo, 21 de octubre de 2007

Study Guides for Literature Exams- Intermediate AND Advanced

Study Guide
Literature Intermediate
The exam will be on Tuesday.

Units 1 and 2.

1) Study vocabulary and definitions from pages 4, 9, and 16.
2) Read all 3 stories (pages 2-4, 7-9, and 14-16.
3) Study page 12- "Real Life Skill".
4) What is a synonym? Antonym? Memorize the synonyms and antonyms on page 11.
5) Study the vocabulary on page 19.
6) What is a procrastinator?

Study Guide
Literature Advanced
The exam will be on Tuesday.

The exam will cover "The Cat Who Thought...", "Two Kinds", "A Day's Wait", and "The Melting Pot".

1) Read the 4 stories again.
2) Review the list of vocabulary and definitions from the 4 stories.
3) Read the summaries for all 4 stories.
4) Know the authors of all 4 stories.
5) Study the workbook questions from all of the stories.
6) Know the characters' names, where they live, where the stories are set, etc.

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